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Head of Design Technology

Start date : 01/09/2024

LEH International School Foshan

This school is based in Foshan, China and is looking for a Head of Design Technology

Job Description
The Head of Design Technology will:

Leading Learning & Teaching
• Put students’ learning and welfare at the centre of all of their practice and decision making
• Have a clear commitment to modern technologies including robotics and understand the interdisciplinary relationship between Science, Technology, Computer Science and Mathematics.
• Have a clear vision for effective learning and teaching across their department that reflects and complements whole school goals and guiding statements
• Model excellent classroom practice
• Have a clear understanding of what excellence looks like in their various subject areas and set standards that support everyone in aiming for this
• Maintain an active critical interest in educational research and debate and promote discussion and training around this within their teams
• Manage and evaluate effective systems for the assessment and tracking of learning, as well as implement a range of sustainable intervention strategies, to ensure all students make excellent progress
• Work to sustain their expert subject knowledge

Leading Staff & Effective Teams
• Promote a positive culture of developing practice in their department
• Act as a role model of effective and sustainable leadership
• Actively seek to grow and develop their team through department meetings and development time, performance management and effective delegation of responsibility
• Work alongside school leaders to develop the capacity of colleagues and plan for succession.
• Work alongside school leaders to build a happy and healthy community, where colleagues’ welfare is considered as a routine part of decision making.

School Improvement & Effective Partnerships
• Work proactively with other staff and school leaders to support and develop initiatives that promote the work of their teams and/or school goals.
• Liaise constructively (and proactively) with the parental community to communicate the vision and goals of the department and school along with other issues or developments within the department.
• Look for opportunities to work collaboratively with other school leaders to develop their own practice as well as the practice and provision within their department.

Key Duties Aims & Ethos
The Head of Design Technology will
1. be responsible to the Headteacher/ and the Head of Art & Design Faculty & Head of Art for the safe, proper and imaginative running of the department in line with the school’s mission and ethos;

Teaching Load
2. teach for up to a maximum of 40 x 60 minute periods out of 60 periods /10 day cycle

Curriculum Planning
3. be responsible for excellent curricular planning, implementation and review in the following areas:
a. The regular review, analysis and updating of departmental Programmes of Study and Schemes of Work;
b. The drafting, implementation and review of a departmental action plan in line with the School Development Plan
c. Home Learning in accordance with the school’s Home

Learning Policy;
d. The setting of appropriate work during periods of cover for unforeseen absence within the department.

English Language Learning
4. be responsible for the promotion of English as an Additional

Language within the department in the following ways:
a. Ensuring that departmental staff are aware of their responsibilities to EAL in lesson preparation, lesson delivery and differentiation, assessment, marking and reporting;
b. Ensuring that EAL support staff are well used through coplanning, support in lessons, assessment and feedback.
c. Supporting the Director of EAL in promoting school-wide goals and strategies in respect of developing students’ Science proficiency.

5. be responsible for assessment in the following areas:
a. Ensuring compliance between schemes of work, classroom practice and examined content and skills for external examinations as defined by the relevant syllabuses for externally examined courses within the department.
b. Maintaining a high awareness among departmental staff of new or upcoming changes to externally examined courses including changes to content and/or assessment procedures.
c. Ensuring that external examination entries and predicted grades are accurate;
d. Co-ordination of the preparation and marking of internal assessment papers in line with external examination standards;
e. Co-ordination of the preparation and marking of admissions tests as required;
f. Selection, in consultation with the Deputy Head (Academic), of suitable examination boards which fit best with the School Values;

Performance Management
6. be responsible to the Head of Art & Design Faculty & Head of Art who will normally act as Line Manager and who will normally conduct Performance Management for the Heads of the individual Science and Technology departments;
7. be responsible for departmental staff in the following areas:
a. Appraisal of departmental staff in accordance with the school’s Performance Management policy either as the Performance Manager or first advisor to the Performance Manager;
b. Observe the classroom performance of departmental staff both formally in accordance with the school’s Performance Management policy and informally. The school’s current Classroom Observation documentation will be used as the blueprint.
c. Monitoring lesson planning, assessment, marking and recording of data of departmental staff;
d. Ensuring that reports are written according to both departmental and school criteria and that deadlines are strictly met;
e. Ensuring that staffing needs are communicated for the following academic year as soon as relevant information is available;
f. Playing a role in the selection, and where practical, interviewing of staff;
g. Allocation of staff to teaching groups in a fair and focused way and in consultation with the Deputy Head (Academic);

8. be responsible for excellent communication in the following areas:
a. Regular and published departmental meetings (including agenda setting, production and circulation of minutes, implementation of arising action points);
b. Attendance at regular Heads of Departments’ Meetings and other meetings as required;
c. Ensuring that departmental information for curriculum booklets, the School Year Book and other school materials are updated as required;

9. Submit internal examination and assessment results to the Deputy Head (Academic);
10. report annually to the Board of Governors to a format agreed in advance and common across all departments;
11. report annually to The Headteacher in a formal and documented meeting which analyses the department’s performance in the previous year (academic results / staffing / resources etc.) and sets agreed targets for the year ahead;

Budget & Resources
12. be responsible for budgeting and resources in the following areas:
a. Ordering books and equipment in accordance with the school budgeting policies and procedures;
b. Managing efficiently the department budget;
c. Ensuring that an up-to-date record inventory is kept of department resources;
d. Ensuring that departmental resources, books and ICT hardware are treated with great care.

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