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Early Childhood Teacher, SEK El Castillo International School, Spain

SEK El Castillo International School

This school is based in Madrid, Spain and is looking for an Early Childhood Teacher.

To provide a stimulating, safe, and child-centered learning environment where early learners can develop cognitive, social, emotional, and linguistic skills in an all-English environment. Committed to fostering children’s natural curiosity, promoting active exploration and discovery, and cultivating a love of learning that lays the foundation for lifelong, holistic development.

  1. Planning and Implementation of Educational Activities:
    • Design and implement developmentally appropriate activities and lessons for preschool children that foster language development, cognition, motor, and social-emotional skills, as well as early learning of basic academic concepts.
  2. English Immersion:
    • Provide a total English immersion environment where students can develop language skills naturally and effectively through daily interactions, songs, stories, games, and activities.
  3. Progress Assessment:
    • Conduct ongoing formative assessments and observations to monitor each child’s progress and tailor instruction to individual needs, while maintaining open and effective communication with parents and other members of the educational team.
  4. Supporting Social-Emotional Development:
    • Provide a safe and supportive environment where students can develop skills to regulate their emotions, resolve conflicts constructively, show empathy, and build positive relationships with peers and adults.
  5. Collaboration with Families:
    • Establish and maintain regular communication with parents and families, offering guidance and support in their children’s development, and facilitating a smooth transition between home and school.
  6. Safe Learning Environment:
    • Prepare the classroom environment and maintain a protected and stimulating learning environment.
  7. Professional Development and Events:
    • Participate in meetings and professional development opportunities, as well as other school and institutional events.
  8. Collaboration and Teamwork:
    • Collaborate with other teachers to review, develop, and write new vertical and horizontal curriculum documents, assessment, and reporting.
    • Model classroom inquiry practice and the IB learner profile.
    • Be willing to participate, cooperate, and possibly lead other initiatives in the school related to the development of school culture, leadership among students, and promotion of school values, such as projects, field trips, and events, to effectively meet the personal, social (wellness), and academic needs of students and staff.


  • Teacher’s degree with a major in Early Childhood Education or equivalent degree.
  • Previous experience as a teacher at the Early Childhood education stage.
  • Level C1 English.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.


  • Experience in international contexts.
  • Knowledge or experience working with Montessori or Reggio Emilia methodology.
  • Experience with IB programs and methodology
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