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Computer Teacher, Çevre Koleji, Turkey

Çevre Koleji

This school is based in Istanbul, Turkey and is looking for a Computer Teacher.

Çevre Koleji is seeking a dynamic and experienced Computer Teacher to join our team. The Computer Teacher will be responsible for delivering engaging and effective computer science education to students, fostering their technological literacy and preparing them for success in the digital age.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Curriculum Development: Develop and implement a comprehensive computer science curriculum aligned with national standards and educational objectives.
  • Classroom Instruction: Deliver high-quality computer science lessons to students at various grade levels, covering topics such as programming, coding, digital literacy, and information technology.
  • Hands-on Activities: Facilitate hands-on activities, projects, and experiments to help students apply theoretical concepts and develop practical skills in computer science.
  • Technology Integration: Integrate technology into teaching and learning processes, leveraging educational software, applications, and online resources to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Student Assessment: Assess student learning through a variety of methods, including tests, projects, presentations, and coding exercises, providing constructive feedback to support their growth and development.
  • Professional Development: Stay informed about advancements in computer science education, participate in professional development opportunities, and collaborate with colleagues to enhance teaching practices and curriculum effectiveness.
  • Tech Club Coordination: Coordinate and oversee extracurricular technology clubs, competitions, and events to further engage students and promote interest in computer science.
  • Parent Communication: Maintain open communication with parents regarding student progress, achievements, and opportunities for further enrichment in computer science.


Qualifications and Skills:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field.
  • Teaching certification or qualification in Computer Education.
  • Previous experience teaching computer science or related subjects at the primary or secondary level.
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, or Scratch.
  • Strong knowledge of educational technology tools, software, and platforms.
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
  • Passion for computer science education and a commitment to fostering students’ technological literacy.
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