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How to get your first teaching job abroad?

How to get your first teaching job abroad?

Embarking on an International Teaching Adventure: What UK Teachers Should Know

As the world get smaller, and Teachers are increasingly looking for teaching opportunities abroad. For UK teachers and those from select countries, the international classroom offers numerous advantages. If you’re considering making the leap, here’s a guide to how to get your first teaching job abroad and set you on the right path.

How to find your first teaching job abroad?


The Advantage of National Backgrounds

Teachers from the UK, Australia, Ireland, US, Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand often find themselves with a distinct advantage. The recognised teaching qualifications from these countries are frequently preferred. Why is this the case? Firstly, English language proficiency is paramount in many international schools, especially those following an English-medium curriculum. Secondly, the rigorous training and teaching methodologies of these nations align with the high standards sought by many international institutions.

Your Curriculum Experience Matters

Experience in the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a strong asset. International schools worldwide highly value familiarity with these curricula. Moreover, if you’ve cut your teaching teeth in a well-known private school at home, this too can give you an edge. However, whilst these experiences are beneficial, they aren’t the be-all and end-all. Every year, thousands of teachers without such backgrounds successfully navigate the international teaching arena. Passion, adaptability, and a genuine love for teaching can be just as persuasive.

The University You Attend Can Influence Your Opportunities

Especially when aiming for Tier 1 schools right out of the gate, the prestige of your university can play a part. These elite schools often have stringent criteria, and a degree from a top university can bolster your application. However, remember that your teaching capabilities, commitment, and personality also carry significant weight to how to get your first teaching job abroad.

Starting Lower Might Be the Stepping Stone You Need

Sometimes, the best way to set foot in international teaching is to begin with a lower-tier school or one in a less desirable location. This isn’t a reflection of your capabilities but rather a strategic career move. By committing to these roles and honouring your contract, you demonstrate resilience, adaptability, and dedication. Furthermore, these experiences often offer richer cultural immersion and the chance to make a bigger difference. After a couple of years, with solid international experience under your belt, you’ll be better positioned to transition to more prominent schools.

Additional Pearls of Wisdom

  1. Continued Learning: The teaching world is ever-evolving. Engage in professional development, attend workshops, and stay updated with global educational trends.
  2. Network: Join international teaching forums, attend job fairs, and connect with peers who have taken the plunge. Their experiences and guidance can prove invaluable.
  3. Cultural Openness: Embrace the new culture wholeheartedly. An open mind, coupled with respect for local traditions, will enrich your overseas stint.
  4. Know Your Worth: Whilst some countries might offer attractive financial packages, it’s vital to research the cost of living and ensure that your salary will allow for a comfortable lifestyle.


How to get your first teaching job abroad? Summary.

In conclusion, how to get your first teaching job abroad? International teaching can be one of the most fulfilling chapters of your professional life. With preparation, research, and the right mindset, you can carve a successful and enriching international teaching career. Whether you’re from the UK or another favoured teaching nation, the world is eagerly waiting for teachers like you.